The RMW Advantage

heated coil spring

At RMW Industries, our main focus is always making sure that our customers are more than happy with the quality of the springs that we build for them. This means working closely with our customers to ensure that we are creating the best possible springs to complete their projects, using only the highest quality materials, running our products through rigorous testing, and making sure that each spring we produce exceeds the standards of our quality control program.

RMW Industries designs and manufactures all types of coil springs. Whether you are looking for compression springs, extension springs, or torsion springs, in sizes 0.375" to 2" in diameter, we can help. Our team of highly trained and experienced designers and manufacturers will work closely with you in order to custom build either hot or cold wound springs that live up to your standards. We will even provide you with prototypes that you can test out yourself. No matter what size of an order you need to place, there is no job too big or too small for our team to handle.

Where required, our springs are run through the most rigorous, up-to-date product testing in order to ensure that each spring meets the correct load and dimensional specifications, as our quality control system requires, to meet our exceptionally high product standards. We design our springs to decrease stresses and prevent premature failure, and are specifically and carefully designed according to the parameters of each application.