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Coil Springs are an integral part of the automobile suspension. They determine the static height of the vehicle, the ride quality, as well as the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

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RMW Industries Inc. caters to a wide variety of automotive aftermarket applications. We not only manufacture for this sector of industry but also are the R& D source for several of our valued customers.

Some of the applications we specialize in are:

  • Original Equipment replacement springs - Often springs fail due to the salt environment in winter and must be replaced
  • Heavy Duty suspension springs - Some vehicles are modified with extra capacity springs to enable them to carry more load safely
  • Lowering suspension kits - Designed to lower a car or truck to achieve better handling and a sporty look.
  • Lifting suspension kits - Designed to lift a pickup truck to achieve room for larger tires and better equip the truck for off-roading or just the look.
  • Wheel Chair Vans - Our coil springs are used on wheel chair vans which are modified for wheel chair use
  • Armoured Car Suspension - The extra weight involved in the armouring process must be supported by specially designed suspension springs.
  • Racing Applications - From desert cross country racing to circle track racing, all require specialized springs for their vehicles

An expert team passionate about quality

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Our design team has custom designed and manufactured a variety car & truck suspension coil springs for various makes and models, both lifted and lowered, for the automotive suspension after market. We have designed and tested these applications to ensure that they meet the demands of the quality conscious customers and end users. We will work with you and design and manufacture whatever vehicle suspension adjustments in terms of load, load heights and rates that you want. We will build a prototype for you to test in the field until you are satisfied with the performance you want.

Some automotive applications require Variable Rate springs. Some designs are truly Progressive Rate and others are 2 Spring Rates with a transition between the rates. Most Original Equipment springs are single rate springs.

Often automotive applications feature unique end configurations to fit the perches in the vehicle. RMW is adept at fitting an aftermarket spring to existing strut configurations.

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