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We don't outsource any aspect of our manufacturing process. We know that in this day and age that is crazy! But we do it because we're sticklers for quality.

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Coil Spring Custom Design Request Quote

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Often we are called upon to design and build coil springs for new or modified applications. Our team of designers, with their many years of experience, are able to satisfy the customer with custom designed coil springs to meet the need.

We conference with the customer to determine such details as:

  • Physical parameters of the spring (ID, OD, Length etc.)
  • Load and Length under load

  • Application details
  • The cyclical nature (varies from static loads to vibratory loads)
  • The Environment the coil spring will be operating in

RMW Industries Inc also manufactures to existing customer specifications or drawings.

RMW Industries Inc. is your one stop shop for all your coil spring requirements - previously designed or a new design.

Coil Spring Manufacturing Request Quote

RMW Industries Inc. manufactures Hot Wound Springs in a material size range from 0.562" (14mm) to 2.0" (50 mm) and Cold Wound Springs in a material size range from .375" (10mm) to 0.625" (16 mm).

Hot Wound

  • Steel is selected from high quality approved sources
  • Cut to length bars are heated in a continuous furnace to coiling temperature
  • Springs are coiled using computer controlled machines to give excellent repeatability of parts.
  • Coiled Springs are then quenched in temperature controlled quench medium
  • Tempering to achieve ideal hardness is done in a continuous belt conveyor oven to achieve consistency of hardness throughout the spring as well as the complete batch of springs

Cold Wound

  • Pre-tempered wire is sourced from approved Vendors providing the quality we demand
  • Springs are coiled cold to the desired configuration in computer controlled machines to give excellent repeatability of parts
  • The coil springs are then stress relieved in a continuous oven at the optimum temperature to achieve the life quality of the finished spring

Secondary Processes (As Required)

  • Grinding is done in large Wet Grinding machines to give flat ends on a compression spring
  • In house shot peening is used to achieve longer fatigue life
  • Set Removal and Load Testing is achieved in computer controlled environment
  • Finishes are then applied - Powder Coating is done in house to control the quality of the finish on our coil springs, and Plain, Oiled or Painted Finishes are all done in house
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