Compression Springs


Compression springs are helical springs that exert a force when compressed and are subjected to torsional stresses. They come in various shapes including, cylindrical, conical, barrel or concave. The ends may be Squared and Ground (the most common), Squared Not Ground, Semi-Closed Plain, Open Ends, or Open Ends Ground. Often in Automotive applications the Ends may be Reduced Over Centre, or Pigtail. Vibratory applications will sometimes use Pigtail ends.

heated compression spring

Compression Springs will often be specified with a Spring Rate and/or a Load at a given compressed length. Some will even specify 2 load points with applicable loads at those lengths.

Compression Springs may also be designed to have an Variable Rate. This Variable Rate may be Progressive ( the Rate increases gradually ) or Stepped (the Rate changes with very little deflection). Both are used in Automotive applications primarily.

Compression Springs may be coiled with a Right Hand Wound helix or with a Left Hand Wound helix. Do not specify Right or Left Hand wound unless it is imperative as the manufacturer may have a preferred helix.

Nested Compression Springs are used to achieve more load and travel for a specific space requirement. Springs may be nested as Outer and Inner or in some cases Outer, Middle and Inner. When this is required it is common the Outer and Inner with different helix, either Right Hand or Left Hand.

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